Certification + Style

Laurnie completed her 200-Hour Teacher Training certification with One Point One Yoga in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Through this intensive program, she learned the importance of building each pose and sequence from the ground up, the foundations of intelligent anatomical alignment, precise cueing, breathwork, and much more. Upon the completion of her training, she became a Yoga Alliance-registered instructor and now teaches in studios and spaces in and around Pittsburgh. 

Today, she continues to be inspired by her teachers, her study of Ayurveda, and her own physical journey. In her classes, you can expect a balance of mindful flows and thoughtful holds that bring the focus within. For Laurnie, the practice of yoga asana--the poses and shapes most of us know as yoga--is only one part. She finds value in incorporating the other, less commonly discussed, limbs of yoga as a means to invite each individual deeper into their own practice. 

Ultimately, Laurnie aspires to create an inclusive and supportive space where each individual can begin to notice what is happening within their body, on a physical, emotional, and energetic level. Self-awareness, she believes, is the first and perhaps most fundamental step on the road to a full and beautiful life. 

Yoga for Everyone 

Laurnie firmly believes that yoga is not meant to only reside within a studio setting. The way she sees it, the beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere, by anyone. Too often, Laurnie has witnessed the barrier that a studio can present for individuals seeking to begin their own yoga journeys. So, in order to create a greater sense of equality and ensure that this ancient, healing wisdom is accessible to all who desire it, she frequently teaches in non-traditional spaces. 

Laurnie has brought yoga to the following groups: 

  • The women and staff of Sojourner House--an organization helping mothers and their children break the cycle of addiction
  • Students in the Stress Free Zone of the University of Pittsburgh
  • Graduate students and staff in the Mellon Institute at Carnegie Mellon University 

Through sharing the practice of yoga, Laurnie hopes to help shift the focus away from the superficial and back towards what matters most: cultivating awareness and personal growth. 

Group Classes 

Laurnie is pleased to be teaching public and private classes throughout Pittsburgh. She would love for you to stop by. Her public classes are as follows: 

  • Wednesdays, 7:45pm @ One Point One Yoga
  • Fridays, 6:30am @ One Point One Yoga 

Private Sessions 

If you are seeking individually-tailored yoga instruction, you may be interested in a private session. In this case, Laurnie will work with you to determine your personal goals and intentions, so that you can move forward at your pace. 

Rates are as follows: 

60 minute individual: $60

60 minute couple: $75

Have a small group interested in practicing yoga? Laurnie will gladly come to your home or office. For information on small group rates, feel free to contact her with your inquiry. 

Photo by Eva Lin Photography. 


Disclaimer: Yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions. Please consult with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.